ECO-Treuhand - The key to Payment Security!

What we do

In today's Online Market, the need for a secure payment solution is growing continuously. Online vendors want to make sure that their costumers are willing and able to pay. They do not want to take the risk of sending their merchandise without having the security of their payment being guaranteed. On the other side, buyers and consumers want to be able to check the merchandise before they are willing to pay for it.

Service suppliers face the same risks and difficulties. They want to know if their payment is secured before they start working. The orderers on the other hand want to make sure that the service they are buying is worth their money.

Even in the Offline world, secure payment solutions are more and more common. Various branches including construction companies, software developpers, merchandise resellers and luxury goods vendors use our escrow service to secure their payments. Even the sale of entire enterprises can be secured over our service.

How it works

Our Escrow Service is the simplest and most efficient way to secure your payments. At the same time, our services based on state-of-the art technology and comply with all legal requirements.

Our online and offline services are based on the same procedures. They are self-explaning and easy to use.

1. Escrow contract

In a first step, both parties agree on using our Escrow Service to secure their mutual interests. This can either be done by registering on our Website or by signing a paper contract we will prepare and costumize for your specific needs.

2. Payment to Escrow account

In a second step, we will ask the buyer to forward the Escrow Amount to one of our Escrow Accounts. Both buyer and seller will be informed upon receipt of the payment.

3. Shipment

The seller will now be asked to deliver his merchandise to the buyer. Should the merchandise consist of multiple part-deliveries or has to be delivered and installed, partial payment or payments by installment can be agreed on.

4. Inspection

Upon delivery or installment, the buyer now has the chance to inspect his merchandise. He can then approve the merchandise via Fax or e-mail.

5. Payment

As soon as the buyer has approved the merchandise via Fax or e-mail, Eco Escrow will forward the payment to the seller. If the buyer is not satisfied with the merchandise, he can return it to the seller and the Escrow Amount will be re-transfered to his account.

Your benefits

1. Rapid transaction, No payment delays

As soon as the Escrow Amount was transfered to one of our Escrow Accounts, you will be informed immediately and thus can deliver your merchandise upon your individual time schedule. Upon receipt, your costumers can then inspect your merchandise within an appropriate time-limit. As soon as the buyer approves the merchandise, we will forward the payment to you without delay. Our fully automated monitoring system guarantees for maximum security and speed of all of your transactions.

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2. Intermediation, No costly lawsuits

In case of discord, we are offering to arbitrate between between you and your costumer. Oftentimes, we can avoid costly and time-consuming lawsuits simply by communicating with both parties impartially.

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3. Increasing purchase orders - Scale your business

Our Escrow Service ensures that you will receive your payment for your merchandise. Consequently, you can already invest in new ventures without having to calculate with defaults. In addition, by using our Escrow Service you provide just the transaction security your new costumers will need.

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